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Washington, D.C. Jumbotron LED Video Wall Rentals

We Custom design our mobile LED video wall trailers and LED Video Wall Panels to provide the highest quality product as used by Fortune 100 Companies, Universities, Professional Sports teams and the Government!


15ft x 25ft ‘Open Air’ Mobile Jumbotron

Featuring 8mm pixel spacing, this unit was designed for aesthetics with a wall-less trailer. Trailer deck height is 44inches.  Hidden within the deck is the generator, making the unit completely self sustaining with shore power hook up available. 4,000 watts of EAW speakers are integrated below the display. Setup time is as quick as 15 minutes.

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11ft x17ft Mobile Jumbotron

Featuring a 10mm real / 5mm virtual pixel spacing, this unit was designed for quick setup providing a vivid and bright image. This trailer features a built in control room for video production. The black walled trailer works perfectly as a back of house privacy screen. 4,000 watts of EAW speakers are integrated below the display.

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UHD & HD Indoor LED Modular Displays

Offering both a 4mm HD and 2.5mm  UHD pixel option, these modular displays are only limited to your imagination! By being modular designed, we can scale the the display size in small increments. Setup options include traditional hanging and also ground stack displays. We can also custom design a support structure such as a moving system for your event needs!

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HD Outdoor LED Modular Displays

We offer 4mm black HD outdoor LED displays along with an option of 6mm pixel spacing displays .Our 4mm outdoor LED video walls offer high brightness, high contrast and high refresh rate to produce the highest quality image!  These are scalable to your events needs. We offer both a hanging and ground stack setup options.

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Every event is unique. No event is the same.  We provide personalized solutions for your event.


Multiple Size Displays

Offering Jumbotron Video Display options of 9ft x 16ft, 11ft x 17ft, 15ft x 25ft. Our 15ft x 25ft jumbotron offers an “open air” design. Find out more here.

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High Resolution

In LED’s, the smaller the pixel spacing, the higher resolution a LED display will have. Our Pixel Spacings: 15ft x25ft Jumbotron: 8mm Real ; 11ft x 17ft Jumbotron: 10mm Real ; 9ft x 16ft Jumbotron: 6mm Real ; Outdoor Modular: 6mm Real, 4mm Real ; Indoor Modular: 4mm or 2.5mm.

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Integrated Sound System

Our speakers are built into the video display frame, thus positioning the speakers directly below the display. Featuring high powered Renkus Heinz & Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) speakers. We also offer auxiliary speaker systems for our indoor video walls!

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Self Contained Power Unit

Included in all of our Jumbotron trailers are Cummins-Onan ultra quite generation systems. Depending on the trailer, we can run continuously for a minimum of 50 hours and provide supplemental power to your event!

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Video Production Available

From a simple two camera production to six cameras with dynamic content injection, our video production team can produce your live video event to standards of broadcast. We utilize the latest technology in cameras and wireless video packs to provide a high quality production for any broadcast budget. We also offer pre-produced graphic and video services along with custom live data applications to compliment any production.

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We provide customized solutions for your event. Find out why the top corporations, universities, organizations and  professional sports teams choose us!


Technical specifications

  • LED Display Resolution

    LED resolution is measured in the distance between pixels. The lower the number, the higher the resolution and more vivid and clear the image is. Our 15x25ft mobile displays features a true 6mm pixel spacing! Our 11x17ft displays feature a true 10mm/5mm virtual spacing, while our 9x14ft displays offer a true 6mm pixel spacing. We offer both 2.5mm and 4mm pixel spacing on our indoor LED video wall panels with 4mm and 6mm pixel spacing options on our outdoor LED video wall panels!


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  • Fold-Out Stage

    Our 9ft x 16ft displays feature a fold out heavy duty stage perfect for award ceremonies, corporate events or a DJ platform! The entire unit can be setup within 10 minutes! The unit also features a climate controlled green room & full video production rooms. More Information

  • Inputs

    All of our jumbotrons will display virtually any content formats including: JPEG, MPEG, MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, Live HDTV, satellite TV, Live Video Feed in standard & HD definition with sound (SDI/HD-SDI), composite video, HDMI, Computer signal(DVI, VGA). If you have a special file format or video/audio signal, we will work with you to make sure it is displayed on the screen. Our 9ft x16ft,11x17ft , 15x25ft & 19ft x 34ft display units offer a engineer control room that is perfect for producing live video events in a climate controlled setting!More Information 

  • Sound Output

    Our 11x17ft & 15x25ft mobile LED Video walls feature 2x Eastern Acoustic Works JFL 213 speakers on either side for a total of 4 speakers. With nearly 4,000 watts of sound, it is powerful enough to blast a 2,000-4,000 crowd.We also offer auxiliary speakers for both outdoor and indoor setups!
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  • Static Banner Supports

    All of our jumbotron video display trailers are unmarked to make them fit in at your event! We offer static banner supports on either side of our displays and also the option of hanging a banner below the display covering the speakers. Banners can also be affixed to any side of the trailer and also the back of the display as well.More Information

Who Uses a Jumbotron?

  • Corporate Events
    • Trade Shows
    • Brand Re-Enforcement Campaigns
    • Brand Awareness Campaigns
    • Product Launches
    • Corporate Meetings
  • Schools/Universities
    • Pep Rallies
    • Graduation Ceremonies
    • Homecoming Festivities
    • Basketball Season Opener
    • Auxiliary Video Board/Scoreboard at Big Games
  • Sporting Events
    • Video Board
    • Scoreboard/Leader Board
    • Dynamic Advertisement
    • Golf Leader Board
  • Music Events
    • IMag
    • Delay video screens
    • Enhance radio station promotions
    • Music Video Release Parties

Clients say

Being in the event planning industry for most of my career, I’ve never worked with such a dedicated team. The onsite techs had the display setup and quickly running after their arrival. They fine tuned the display onsite to make sure the colors, brightness, angle of the display and sound levels were just right for my event. It took a lot of stress off my team and myself knowing we had a team that was dedicated to our event! We look forward to using you more in the future!  ~ Event Planner for Major Corporation
  • D1 Collegiate Sporting Events

    D1 Collegiate Sporting Events

    We have worked with numerous different types of sports to produce live video and results for spectators and athletes including Cross Country, Track and Field, Basketball, Field Hockey, Soccer and Football .

  • Public Events and Festivals

    Public Events and Festivals

    Offering a built in sound system, our mobile LED video walls are perfect for public events and festivals for delay screens and general viewing.

  • Corporate Indoor Events and TV Shows

    Corporate Indoor Events and TV Shows

    Our indoor Ultra High Definition LED video wall panels allow us to build larger than life LED video wall setups in unique shapes to add the perfect touch to your Corporate event or TV show setup.

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Does the Jumbotron HD video screen only  work on nice clear days?
No, the equipment will work in foul weather such as rain or snow. For safety precautions, we will lower the displays in lighting storms

Can the Jumbotron HD video screen withstand wind?
Our mobile units are all engineered to withstand a sustained wind of 50mph!

Ok, great the Jumbotron HD video screen can work in the not most severe weather but how about on bright sunny days facing the sun?
The Jumbotron HD digital LED display is clearly visible on bright, sunny days due to its high brightness output.

How about your Indoor LED Video walls, are they affected by sunlight or stage lights?

Our Indoor LED video walls are designed with adjustable brightness levels to be bright enough to be seen with ambient light coming in from a window or stage lights while also allowing the brightness to be lowered so that the display is not over glaring in a darker room.

I want to move the screen between different locations within an event, how long does it take to setup and teardown?

It only takes 10 minutes to set-up the Jumbotron up and start broadcasting your content on the HD video screen. It takes about the same time to bring the screen down.

How much does the HD video screen cost to rent?
Contact us to receive a detailed proposal regarding your event. Not all events are the same.

Do I need to provide power or sound?
No, we have a built in ultra quiet generator and a full concert quality sound system onboard.


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