Washington D.C. Jumbotron Rentals

Make your next event STANDOUT! Use only a high resolution and high quality jumbotron! Enjoy the same displays used by numerous Universities, Corporations, and Professional Sports Teams!

Multiple Size Displays

Offering Jumbotron Video Display options of 6ft x 10ft, 9ft x 14ft, 9ft x 16ft & 11ft x 17ft and also mega sized version of a 19ft x 34 ft jumbotron video display. Our 9ftx16ft display also features a fold out stage!

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High Resolution

Featuring 12mm real pixel spacing with a 6mm virtual pixel spacing on our 9x14ft video display & 10mm real, 5mm virtual pixel spacing on our 11x17ft & 19ft x 34ft jumbotron video displays!This gives you a crisp and vivid video display!

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Integrated Sound System

Our speakers are built into the video display frame, thus positioning the speakers directly below the display. Featuring high powered Renkus Heinz & Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) speakers.

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Self Contained Power Unit

Included in all of our Jumbotron trailers are Cummins-Onan ultra quite generation systems. Depending on the trailer, we can run continuously for a minimum of 36 hours and provide supplemental power to your event!

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Video Production Available

Our live production team can capture that special moment of your event to be displayed on the big screen! Using the latest HD equipment, we can virtually make your video dreams a reality!

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Every event is unique. No event is the same.  We provide personalized solutions for your event.

Technical specifications

  • LED Display Resolution

    LED resolution is measured in the distance between pixels. The lower the number, the tighter the resolution. Our 11x17ft jumbotron video display features a 10mm real pixel spacing with a 5mm virtual pixel spacing, and nearly 8,000 nits of brightness. This means at 20 feet, the display looks like a HDTV in your living room, except a tad bit larger and that can be seen in direct sunlight!

    Our 9x14ft jumbotron video display features a 12mm real pixel spacing with 6mm virtual pixel spacing. At about 30 feet this looks like your HDTV!

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  • Fold-Out Stage

    Our 9ft x 16ft displays feature a fold out heavy duty stage perfect for award ceremonies, corporate events or a DJ platform! The entire unit can be setup within 10 minutes! The unit also features a climate controlled green room & full video production rooms. More Information

  • Inputs

    All of our jumbotrons will display virtually any content formats including: JPEG, MPEG, MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, Live HDTV, satellite TV, Live Video Feed in standard & HD definition with sound (SDI/HD-SDI), composite video, HDMI, Computer signal(DVI, VGA). If you have a special file format or video/audio signal, we will work with you to make sure it is displayed on the screen. Our 9ft x16ft,11x17ft & 19ft x 34ft display units offer a engineer control room that is perfect for producing live video events in a climate controlled setting!More Information 

  • Sound Output

    Our 11x17ft display features 2 Eastern Acoustic Works JFL 213 speakers on either side for a total of 4 speakers. With nearly 4,000 watts of sound, it is powerful enough to blast a 2,000-4,000 crowd.
    Our 9x14ft video display units feature 1 Renkus Heinz speaker on either side of the display for a total of speakers with a combined power rating pushing 1,400 watts!More Information

  • Static Banner Supports

    All of our jumbotron video display trailers are unmarked to make them fit in at your event! We offer static banner supports on either side of our displays and also the option of hanging a banner below the display covering the speakers. Banners can also be affixed to any side of the trailer and also the back of the display as well.More Information

Who Uses a Jumbotron?

  • Corporate Events
    • Trade Shows
    • Brand Re-Enforcement Campaigns
    • Brand Awareness Campaigns
    • Product Launches
  • Schools/Universities
    • Pep Rallies
    • Graduation Ceremonies
    • Homecoming Festivities
    • Basketball Season Opener
    • Auxiliary Video Board/Scoreboard at Big Games
  • Sporting Events
    • Video Board
    • Scoreboard/Leader Board
    • Dynamic Advertisement
    • Golf Leader Board
  • Music Events
    • Additional  Video Displays at Concerts
    • Host your own music party and play VJ!
    • Enhance radio station promotions
    • Music Video Release Parties

Clients say

  • The Jumbotron was a big hit with fans, allowing them to watch all the races from start to finish. At the event, your staff was extremely professional and worked well with WPVI’s broadcast crew to coordinate the feed of the races to the giant screen. Your staff also produced a very attractive graphics package as part of the Jumbotron presentation. I look forward to working with you and your team again. Fran Connors Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta
    Dad Vail Regatta
  • Corporate Social Events

    Corporate Social Events

    We have provided LED video screen reinforcement for numerous international companies at their corporate events.

  • D1 Basketball Season Kick Off Event

    D1 Basketball Season Kick Off Event

    Outdoor D1 Basketball Season kick off events are growing rapidly each year. We have worked with numerous schools to enhance their kick-off event by providing video screens and video production services.

  • Rowing Events

    Rowing Events

    We have worked with rowing events such as the Dad Vail Regatta to provide jumbotron displays to broadcast the race.

  • D1 Collegiate Cross Country Meets

    D1 Collegiate Cross Country Meets

    Giving the participants and spectators an up to the second result list at a cross country meet can be challenging. We have provided Jumbotron displays for college meets to communicate results with participants and fans while also displaying sponsor info.

  • Grand Prix Racing

    Grand Prix Racing

    We have provided auxiliary video screens for fan viewing at multiple Grand Prix & Racing events.

Featured projects

Possible Uses & FAQ

Possible uses of a Jumbotron:

Broadcast youth sporting events at tournaments
• Use a jumbotron as a video deejay for gatherings and beach parties. All
artist’s videos and genres are available and the customer can select the content that appeals to them by making personalized playlists or even have your guests select the next song from their phones!
• Dynamic advertisement
• Play movies to a large audiences outdoors no matter what time of day
• Display pro or collegiate sporting events like NASCAR races, football games, hockey playoffs, soccer games, or baseball games live in the backyard
• Televise award ceremonies or graduations
• Transmit live feeds for significant high school sporting events or collegiate homecoming games
• Use a jumbotron video display for corporate events such as picnics or retreats
• Air political campaigns and public speeches
• Display memorable pictures and videos for weddings, anniversaries, significant birthdays, or family reunions and a look into the past accomplishments of your loved ones life during funerals.
• Added HD video displays at concerts
• Enhance radio station promotions and presence at large events with our Jumbotron HD video screen
• Use jumbotron video displays to display a live scoreboard with highlights video feeds at golf tournaments and other sporting events
• Televise scores and live video feeds for sports such as ski/snowboard competitions, downhill bike races, disc golf tournaments, rowing competitions, in town bicycle races and paintball scenarios where its hard for the audience to see all the action
• Show holiday parades, New Year’s Eve celebrations, and 4th of July fireworks displays



Does the Jumbotron HD video screen only  work on nice clear days?
No, The equipment will work in foul weather such as rain or snow.

Can the Jumbotron HD video screen withstand wind?
It withstands wind gust up to 45mph.

Ok, great the Jumbotron HD video screen can work in not the most serene weather but how about on bright sunny days facing the sun?
The Jumbotron HD digital LED display is clearly visible on bright, sunny days due to its high brightness output.

I don’t have  a wide driveway as I live in a development, can it fit down my driveway?
In brief yes. The whole apparatus is very compact and it will fit in a 10ft wide residential driveway.

How high out of the trailer does this HD Video screen come?
The screen tops out at 23ft high and rotates 360 degrees.

I want to move the screen between different locations within an event, how long does it take to setup and teardown?
It only takes 10 minutes to set-up the Jumbotron up and start broadcasting your content on the HD video screen. It takes about the same time to bring the screen down.

How much does the HD video screen cost to rent?
Rentals range in cost from $1000-$5000 (offset the rental fee by displaying static banners on the sides of the screen as well as selling digital, on-screen banners or play commercials)

Do I need any special permits or licensing to use this Jumbotron HD video screen?
Generally, no permits/licenses are normally needed. Check with your property owner, or event manager to be sure.

Do I need to provide power or sound?
No, we have a built in ultra quiet generator and a full concert quality sound system onboard.

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